Sean Blackburn

ThermoLink vs. Tube-In-Tube Heat Exchangers for Pool Heat Pumps

Heat pump pool heaters are becoming more and more popular in Central Florida. It’s sometimes tough to distinguish between pool heaters because many of the marketing messages focus on benefits, not on what actually makes one pool heater different from another. We’ve found that a key feature that separates a good quality heat pump pool …

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AquaCal Pool Heaters

The pool heating industry can feel strange for many of us who are traditionally from the air conditioning industry. Plain and simple, many pool heater manufacturers are smaller and not as stable as most Americans have come to expect. There is a lot of turnover/buyouts, Every few years, there appears to be a new low-cost …

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Why Does My House Feel Muggy?

A muggy house is very uncomfortable, but especially here in Florida, it’s an occurrence a lot of us are often faced with. As someone who works in the air conditioning business, this is a common issue our customers are faced with, and we’re always asked the same question: Why is my house so muggy, and how can I fix it?