Having to replace your air conditioner unexpectedly is one of the worst feelings a homeowner can have. It can be even worse if you own a home in an area where you don’t live. Air conditioning financing can help, but it is sometimes a hassle to deal with.

We understand that replacing an A/C unit is one of the largest expenses in the life-cycle of homeownership. So, we try to make it as painless as possible with our option to finance the transaction.

However, there are some unique challenges in processing a financing transaction for an absentee owner. Below are our options for payment for an air conditioning replacement for an absentee owner.

  1. Pay us directly with a check for the full amount (check must arrive at our office in Clermont, FL before installation can be completed, but the check will not be cashed until work is completed).
  2. Pay us directly with a credit card for the full amount (credit card must be loaded into our back-end system before installation can be completed, but the card will not be run until the work is completed).
  3. Finance the transaction through Wells Fargo (all paperwork must be signed, completed, and mailed back to our office in Clermont, FL before installation can be completed; once completed, the first bill will arrive in the mail from Wells Fargo approx. 30 days after the installation).

Wells Fargo, our main source for financing new air conditioning systems, has a key component within their process: confirming the identity of the air conditioning financing applicant. When we can’t meet someone face-to-face, there are a few added steps in the process.

Here below is the process for completing a Wells Fargo transaction when you can’t meet with our comfort consultant in person:
  1. Go to this website and fill out the application from Wells Fargo: kalosflorida.com/wellsfargo
  2. Wells Fargo will come back with 1 of 3 results, Application Denied, Application Pending, or Application Approved for $_____ (depending on the application, different amounts of capital will be offered).
  3. If approved for the transaction, you can pick 1 of 2 plans:
    • 48 month, 11% APR, with 2% minimum monthly payments
    • 12 month, 0% deferred interest, with 8.33% minimum monthly payments
  4. Once you’ve chosen your terms, we will print out documents, fill them out, and meet with you in person (if you are in the local area) or mail the documents to you (if you are out of town).
  5. You must sign these documents in the presence of a Notary Public and mail them back to us in the postal mail (no email is allowed).
  6. Once we have that signed paperwork back to us at our office in Clermont, FL, we are ready to install the new A/C unit.
We hope this has been helpful, please let us know if you have any questions along the way, and feel free to call or text our office anytime!