At Kalos Services, we work across a variety of trades and industries, so a pricing page can be a difficult one to navigate depending on why you’re here on our site. Below we have some information on our pricing and/or who to contact for more specific pricing information for repair or replacement/building projects. If you’d like to learn more about our Maintenance Plans please check our Service Membership Plan here.

Professionals & experts

Residential Air Conditioning, Pool Heater, and Water Heater Repairs

When you call our office at Kalos Services, you will always speak to a live human being who will answer your basic questions and set up a convenient time window for a qualified technician to visit your property and diagnose the issues you are experiencing with your air conditioner, pool heater or water heater.   For that technician to visit the property and fully diagnose the issues, we have what we call a “Diagnostic Trip Charge”. This is a standard fee that will vary slightly depending on what time you’d like us to be at the property (normal business hours or emergency after hours). This charge is non-refundable and covers the cost of business for a fully trained and qualified technician to use their expertise to assess and properly give you an estimate of needed repairs. After our technician is finished diagnosing the issues, he will quote you all the suggested repairs for your system. These suggested repairs are quoted as a “flat rate” and broken down in two categories:

  1. Repairs Required for System to Function
  2. Repairs Recommended for Better Performance

Our technicians are trained to fully quote and explain their suggested repairs BEFORE starting any work, so you can be sure that you are aware upfront of the costs associated with any suggested repairs. If you don’t want to approve any of the suggested repairs, the only thing you will be charged is our Diagnostic Trip Charge. Only want to approve the repairs needed to get the system up and running? No problem! We also stand behind our work with our industry leading warranty, so you can rest assured in quality, professional service. We also offer free second opinions if you’ve had another company out already. So to review, here’s how our pricing for this business segment works: Diagnostic Trip Charge + Approved Quoted Repairs = The Final Price You Pay For repairs, we accept: Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Card Call or text our office anytime for help at your residence or fill out our Online Service Request!

Commercial Air Conditioning, Electrical, Pool Heater, Refrigeration and Water Heater Repairs

Similar to our residential division, when you call our office, our trained staff can offer a convenient time window for a qualified technician to visit your business and diagnose the issues you are experiencing. The difference lies in how we charge our labor rate for commercial compared to residential.  For commercial properties we always charge our standard first hour of labor. After that, our labor is accounted for in 15 minute increments. Once the system’s issues are diagnosed, we will then quote the repairs needed based upon parts. Our labor is still accrued as we complete any approved repairs and the final price will be the total time plus any needed repair parts/materials. Diagnostic Trip Charge (1 hour of our Labor Rate) + Hourly Rate for Total Time Exceeding 1 Hour (counted in 15 minute increments) + Parts/Materials for Approved Repairs = The Final Price You Pay For repairs, we accept: Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Card (billing terms can also be offered to commercial customers after a consistent payment history has been proven). Call or text our office anytime if you’d like help with your commercial property!

Electrical service experts

Residential Air Conditioning, Insulation, Pool Heater and Water Heater Replacements

When you’re looking to replace a system in your home, we understand that it can be a stressful process.  We always want to provide professional and accurate bids to ensure our customers don’t experience any unexpected surprises and that the project goes smoothly. To do this, we require a trained Project Estimator (we call them Comfort Consultants) visit your property and look at all the details before we provide options for replacing your ac, insulation, pool heater or water heater. This in-person estimate is no-pressure and is absolutely free. Call or text our office anytime if you’d like to get a free estimate!

Electrical service experts

Commercial Electrical, General Contracting, HVAC and Plumbing Projects

At Kalos Services, we are unique in our ability to self-perform a variety of trades on your commercial construction project. We are licensed in multiple trades and would love the opportunity to bid your project. Please send all bid requests to our main email:!