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About Our Light Mechanical Division

Our commercial light mechanical division is comprised of certified Refrigerant and HVAC technicians that can diagnose and repair any make or model air conditioners as well as all refrigeration found in Convenience stores and restaurants. Along with emergency service, we also provide (and suggest) regularly scheduled preventative Maintenance to help improve its efficiency and prolong equipment life

When needed our department specializes in providing energy efficient systems that provide superior cooling while saving you money. Whatever your refrigeration needs we are confident that our skilled technicians will be able to get your system functioning properly again.

Light Mechanical FAQs

Is regular HVAC/R maintenance really that important?

Regular HVAC/R maintenance is essential because commercial systems may consist of anywhere from 1 to 60 units. Even if just a few of those units begin to run slowly or incorrectly, you could lose lots of money. Regular maintenance helps you verify that each unit is running as it should.
We recommend scheduling a Preventative Maintenance inspection during the spring and fall to keep your units running economically. PM calls will be a lot less expensive than other service calls. (Sometimes costing as low as ¼ the price of a weekend service call.)
Here at Kalos, we log our clients’ equipment into a database to easily access the information as issues arise. We can order parts quickly and easily, so we try to make regular maintenance as easy as possible for our clients.

What steps are most important for a Florida HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

In Florida, drain cleaning is the #1 priority in a scheduled PM inspection.
Florida’s climate enables bacterial and algal buildup that severely reduces a unit’s efficiency and can lead to flooding. We want to make sure that your units are equipped to run well for months on end, so we want to clean the drains as thoroughly as possible to keep your units running economically and prevent catastrophic property damage.
On top of drain cleaning, we like to ensure that the drain runs properly after it has been cleaned. This includes inspecting the drain lines, the drain pans, and priming the drain with water to ensure that it works as it should.

What do you look for in a light commercial HVAC/R technician?

We look for people who are dependable above all. The most skilled technician in the world won’t be an asset to your team if they don’t show up. A technician must show up and produce consistent results.
We also look for technicians who are thorough. It’s always a good sign when a technician goes the extra mile to ensure that a client is satisfied. This technician will check all components and all units. They use their senses well and detect issues by paying attention.

What are some keys to good communication between an HVAC contractor and site management?

Availability is one of the most critical elements of communication between contractors and site management. Being reachable at all times builds trust with site management. It’s also reassuring for clients to understand that they’re covered whenever their A/C or refrigeration systems have issues.
Honesty is another key to good communication. We quote everything and provide honest assessments of the quotes. At Kalos, we will let you know which investments will help you and which ones may not save you money in the long run.
Most of all, the key to good communication is organization. That means staying up to date and keeping track of quotes.

How often should air filters be replaced?

You should replace air filters as soon as they get dirty. Filters often say how long they last on the packaging, but it’s not a good idea to trust the packaging completely.
It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time frame to replace filters because they clog at different rates. The best practice is to check the filter at least monthly. If it‘s dirty, go ahead and replace it.

Does it matter what kind of air filter we use?

In commercial HVAC, we use filters with a minimum MERV 8. Filters with higher MERV ratings will perform better filtration.
The total external static pressure (TESP) also matters. Filters add static pressure, so they affect the system’s performance. In some cases, they reduce airflow and air distribution. In other cases, they increase the blower motor’s power consumption and cause drainage issues. Generally, we don’t want the additional filter static pressure to exceed 0.2 inches of water (“wc). Still, each unit is different, so you’ll want to know the unit’s design TESP and measure the pressure drop across the filter to see what you’re working with.

How can we save on energy costs?

The best way to save on energy costs is to schedule PMs regularly. The spring and fall are typically the best times to schedule PMs.
This responsibility mostly falls onto the installer, but you can save money by verifying that your system is set up correctly. Each piece of equipment must be commissioned upon startup. All operating modes should be tested, and the unit must perform to the client’s expectations. Verify that everything is correct early on, and you won’t have to spend money on service calls or poor efficiency.
Overall, you’ll want to do whatever you can to maximize efficiency. Make sure your filters are clean, and you can use a programmable thermostat to control the temperature when possible.

What is a capacitor? Does it need to be tested?

In simple terms, a capacitor is a third power leg. It’s a small cylinder inside your HVAC unit that supplies and stores energy. It powers the compressor, fan motor, and blower motor in single phase applications.
High voltage events can dramatically decrease the life of a capacitor. Power surges and lightning strikes are two common causes. Higher temperatures also negatively impact a capacitor’s lifespan, so Florida’s hot climate also contributes to capacitor failure.
Failed capacitors are one of the most common service calls we receive, so it’s a good idea to get them tested. Capacitor testing is a service that Kalos provides.

Weak capacitors lead to motors that run hotter and less efficient reducing system performance and longevity. While a weak capacitor may not result in a system that doesn’t run it can result in more costly issues over time.


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My service provider Mario was awesome. Very professional, knowledgeable, and very polite. Will definitely recommend company due to outstanding service Mario provided. Recommendation, if looking for a great company to provide professional service go with Kalos, and dont forget to request Mario.

Kalos did a fantastic job at installing my 2 A/C systems. The crew was professional and polite. They were on time and finished the job by end of day. I got 8 different quotes and not only were they the second lowest price, but Tyler was the only one who measured my home to make sure the new system would be balanced. They cleaned up everything and it passed inspection easily. The inspector said he had not seen such a good job done before in Polk County. I would definitely trust and recommend them to anyone looking for service on their A/C system. Thanks again Kalos!

In April we decided to upgrade our AC. Our salesman was Tyler who we believe went over and beyond to explain the system and all the advantages. He was a dedicated sincere person. We chose Kalos due to the way they handled us. When the system was installed Grant and Many were meticulous in their work. We are very pleased in our overall experience and would not hesitate to recommend Kalos to anyone.

Our experience from beginning to end was great. Tyler came out and completed a thorough assessment and wrote up a detailed estimate. After we completed our own research we decided to use Kalos for our new HVAC system. The installation team was great, it was obvious they were committed to installing correctly. The team’s friendliness and professionalism was an added bonus. We definitely recommend Kalos for your HVAC needs.

I called when my AC unit broke down and Ronnie arrived within the hour. He explained the what and the why of what happened in terms I understood. He was polite and professional plus he was wearing a mask!! Within two hours my AC was working. I highly recommend Kalos and Ronnie.