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The Four Pillars of Kalos

Kalos is guided by four main principles that inform our work ethic and company vision. These principles are Community Involvement and Social Good, Training/Education, Humanity, and All the Trades in One Place.

Know Who We Are

Community Involvement and Social Good

Kalos is more than just a contractor. We are committed to making our Central Florida community and our world a better place.
We are involved in the South Lake High School Construction Academy. We inspire teenagers to create a viable career pathway in the trades. Today, there is a strong emphasis on receiving a college education. As we all know, that is not everyone’s path to success. We want to expose young people to the trades and give them the foundation they need to embark on successful career journeys.
Kalos also supports the Sleep in Heavenly Peace program. Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an organization that builds beds for children who do not have a safe, comfortable place to sleep at night. Kalos supports this noble cause by sponsoring and staffing bed-build projects in the South Lake community. With the help of the South Lake High School construction students, our community has helped make many new beds for children in need.

We also go to Haiti and teach young people about the trades. We give them hands-on educational experiences and books to help them learn about the work we do. With this education, these young people can develop secure careers and give back to their communities.


We strongly believe that knowledge is power at Kalos. When people are trained and educated in the trades, they have the power to make good decisions in the field and for their own career development. At Kalos, we aim to develop our apprentices into well-rounded technical professionals. Our apprenticeship program mixes classroom education and field experience to give our trainees opportunities to master their craft. We work with Lake Technical College to provide a classroom education about science and technology. In the field, our apprentices work with our senior technicians. Three of Kalos’s leaders provide trades training to high school students. Ron Milejczak teaches about construction trades, Bryan Orr teaches about HVAC/R trades, and Phil Barr teaches students in the electrical trade. All three leaders inform students about trades careers and teach them hands-on skills to kickstart their vocational journeys. A trades education is just as valuable as a wide range of college degrees, if not more valuable. Ron, Phil, and Bryan want to give students the opportunity to explore that possibility. Kalos co-founder Bryan Orr also has a free online training resource called HVAC School. HVAC School provides free information and encourages public discussion of the trades. Bryan regularly releases podcast episodes and videos that cover HVAC and refrigeration topics. HVAC School also publishes written articles a few times per week. Check out the HVAC School website at


Kalos is a family-owned business and will always stay that way.

All our founders come from the same family. They understand the importance of keeping your close friends and family members safe and comfortable. Over 220 employees also call Kalos their second family. Our Kalos family would be honored to help your families at home and your business.

Kalos’s founders have over 100 years of combined experience. Today, they occupy leadership positions and guide the business with their expertise and goodwill.

All the Trades in One Place

Kalos is a one-stop-shop for commercial construction. We place a premium on hands-on trade excellence over a wide range of trades and specialties.

We have skilled craftspeople for every trade in-house, so you don’t have to worry about finding and managing outside subcontractors. When you choose Kalos for commercial construction projects, you can expect consistent quality and service. Most of all, you can expect a project finished on time and on budget.