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Kalos Services promises to put the comfort and needs of a customer first and foremost with every service call, big or small.   We understand that heating and cooling your home is a big investment and should be taken seriously by all those involved – from our highly trained technical experts, to our educated sales team, we’re all working towards one common goal: your happiness.


Why would I need a second opinion?


  • Confirmation of the diagnosis and resolution of a problem.
  • Ensuring you receive the appropriate repair for your system diagnosis as well as any necessary replacement equipment.
  • You’ll understand the cost of both repairs and recruitment and be able to make a more educated decision based on your system and financial needs.


 When would I need a second opinion?


  • If you are facing any repair or major change to your HVAC system, it’s always best to get a second opinion.
  • If you’re hesitant about the suggested repairs or offered replacement, a second opinion can assist you in navigating your options and finding a cost effective solution.
  • On occasions, you may want clarification on potential upsells or additional repairs/purchases being offered by a technician onsite.
  • If you have any hesitations about the cost of a repair or replacement.


Why should I get a second opinion from Kalos?


  • We are trusted industry leaders who work with integrity – each Kalos technician sent to your home for a second opinion is highly trained and free of commission based earnings.
  • Our technicians are solely focused on your comfort coming first and foremost. No unnecessary upsells – we’re straight forward with cost and commitment to simply great service, always.
  • Kalos technicians are happy to explain the problem, the solution, and all steps in between to keep our customers in the know.


 I’ve Had A Second Opinion – Now What?


  • Take into consideration the suggested repairs or replacement options presented by both parties.
  • Evaluate the level of detail in each quote – transparency is key in finding a cost effective and timely solution from a company you can trust.
  • Check the reviews! A quick internet search can express the trustworthiness and dedication of a brand to its customers.
  • Consider the warranties.  If there are additional options presented to you to help maintain the integrity of your system, be sure to be mindful of those in your decision making.
  • Trust your gut.  Did the technician seem both mindful and comfortable? Did you find them trustworthy? It’s important to feel confident in the technicians performing the work and the company they represent.

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