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Your commercial construction project must be on-time, on-budget, and have the fewest possible problems. We understand that time is money. The longer a project takes, the longer it takes for you to start generating profits.

By performing all of the major trades, we add value and have more control over the project to insure the proper quality and quantity of work. Here are just a few advantages Kalos brings to the table:


Commercial Construction in Florida Requires Prompt Response and Reliable Communication

  • Plainly stated, a good commercial construction contractor completes projects as quickly and cost-effectively as possible without sacrificing quality. We at Kalos strive to put forth innovative ideas with this goal in mind. We provide qualified and experienced supervision in all of the major trades.
  • Contractors who sub-out the HVAC and Electric mark up the sub-contractors price which already has overhead and profit included. There are no additional mark-ups for the trades performed by Kalos.
  • Superior quality control in all areas of the commercial construction project.
  • Direct control of major trades also allows us to communicate better with our customers if changes occur during the commercial construction project.
  • You don’t need to worry about sub-contractors not meeting the schedule. We are in direct control of the majority of the job site labor.
  • A professional work force will execute your project. We employ tradespeople with exceptional skills, but we also train them to excel in customer service. All of our employees understand that you and your customers are our top priority.
  • We at Kalos emphasize job performance over marketing. A majority of our time and resources are spent on enhancing our performance at the job site level. Commercial construction projects need this type of focus.

I look forward to the opportunity to bid on your next commercial project.

Robert B. Orr – CEO, Kalos Services, Inc.


Know more about who trusts in us. We completed their commercial construction projects.

On time, knowledgeable and very professional, I use them for commercial and residential.

My experience with Kalos was incredibly positive and I would highly recommend them to anyone! From the first visit to go over all of the options to installation day everything was perfect, it was nothing but great service. Give them a call and get it done right the first time!

Cheerful, courteous, and competent, traveled all the way from Jacksonville to perform maintenance on our business A/Cs. Highly recommend!

5 stars! Kalos was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. Would definitely call them again.

This is a family-owned business that treats you like family. No hard sell, all work was done very well, on time, and efficiently.