Kalos Career Opportunities

Many people say “a job is a job” or “You gotta work to survive”

It feels like much of the workforce has resigned themselves to 40+ hrs of misery every work week.

We don’t accept this mindset

Time and time again we have employed energetic, thoughtful, motivated people and given them the support, training and structure to grow and thrive. What we found is that person by person, step by step Kalos has grown and company culture has continued to improve as we have grown. In fact in 2015 we won an award from as a top company culture, a pretty tough thing to do in the Construction services industry.

If you are the top of your game looking for a place to grow, Kalos is positive and fast growing place with new opportunities emerging continuously.

If you are looking to receive quality experience from one of the top training organizations in the USA then Kalos is the place for you. Our founder Bryan Orr is a nationally recognized educator and you will receive regular instruction and guidance to help you become the best you can be.

If you have a positive outlook on life, enjoy serving and putting in a good days work and like working with other fun and positive people than a Kalos career might be right for you.

Before you apply please read the following

Kalos is an equal opportunity employer. We hire and promote based on attitude, skill, experience and emotional intelligence NOT based on age, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or health history. Please read our full policy HERE. Ex-military and all people of diverse backgrounds and creeds are encouraged to apply.

Kalos Services is a drug-free workplace. We drug test upon initial hire, after any and all accidents and whenever there is probable cause.

We only consider applications that have been submitted in the last 30 days. If it has been more than 30 days you are encouraged to reapply. Some positions may be listed on our website that we are not actively interviewing for but may be interviewing for in the near future. If we fail to contact you after an application it is likely that we have not had time to reply due to our work schedule and not that you have been excluded from consideration.

Professionals & experts

Available Careers

Residential Service Electrician

Kalos is currently hiring Residential Service Technicians to support our residential and light commercial HVAC operations in Central Florida. We are seeking experienced, licensed electricians who are comfortable working with the electrical components of HVAC equipment.   Responsibilities of the job include troubleshooting electrical problems, communicating with customers and other employees clearly, and following local […]

Residential Installation Apprentice

We are hiring air conditioning installers at the apprentice level. A/C installers install residential A/C systems in the Central Florida area. Since installers will work in customers’ homes, we require professional conduct at all times. They must have good communication skills to instill confidence in customers. We also expect our A/C installers to perform good […]

Residential Installation Technician

We are hiring air conditioning installers. A/C installers install residential A/C systems in the Central Florida area. Since installers will work in customers’ homes, we require professional conduct at all times. We are not looking for an outgoing salesperson, but we expect our installers to be good listeners and knowledgeable about the units they install. […]

Plumbing Journeyman and Apprentice/Helper

We are hiring plumbing journeymen and apprentices/helpers. Our plumbers install, repair, and maintain pipes and drainage systems inside grocery construction projects. Their day-to-day tasks include assisting experienced plumbers with installations and repairs in gas lines and water lines. A journeyman or helper may also assist in the installation of plumbing fixtures, such as sinks. The […]

HVAC Service Technician – Residential

We are hiring new A/C service technicians for our residential division.   Kalos is a top-quality commercial and residential HVAC contractor. We have won multiple customer service and company culture awards, and we owe it to our team of hardworking technicians. Our residential technicians travel to customers’ homes and troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair their HVAC […]

HVAC Service Technician – Light Commercial

We are hiring new A/C service technicians for our light commercial division.   Our commercial technicians work on single-split or package HVAC systems in storage units, restaurants, and small shops. They perform diagnostics, repairs, and preventive maintenance work. Troubleshooting and repairs require familiarity with HVAC systems, excellent observational skills, and knowledge of tools and parts. Preventive […]

HVAC Service Technician – Heavy Commercial

We are hiring HVAC service technicians for our heavy commercial division.   Our commercial HVAC technicians typically work on large units in big-box retail locations. These technicians are responsible for diagnosing and repairing faulty systems for the public’s comfort. They also perform plenty of preventive maintenance work to keep HVAC systems in top condition year-round. Preventive maintenance […]

Commercial Refrigeration Apprentice

We are hiring for apprentices in the commercial refrigeration trade. Whether you are just getting out of school and looking for direction in life or wanting to start over with a new career, Kalos would like to learn more about you.   We are seeking applicants who will work under our senior technicians to learn […]

Commercial Refrigeration Technician

We are hiring technicians in the commercial refrigeration trade. These techs primarily work on equipment in foodservice and grocery applications. These include walk-in, reach-in, glass case, and rack refrigeration systems. So, knowledge of food storage is a plus for this position. Refrigeration techs will change out, repair, and maintain refrigeration systems. We expect applicants to […]

Commercial Projects Electrician

We are hiring for Commercial Projects Electricians. Our electricians work exclusively on commercial projects, they install, repair, modify, inspect, and test electrical systems and components. Electricians must communicate with engineers, project managers, and other team members. Electricians must be able to read and execute blueprints and take a safe approach to their work.   Although […]

Commercial Construction Tradesperson

We are hiring commercial construction tradespeople. Most of our work takes place in big-box retail chains, such as Walmart, Winn-Dixie, etc. Construction tradespeople must be willing to follow directions and keep safety as their top priority. Statewide travel is a part of this role, but our tradespeople gain invaluable hands-on experience while serving communities across […]

Commercial Construction Superintendent

We are looking for a construction superintendent to grow with our company. This person will lead teams on big-box grocery construction and renovation projects.   Kalos empowers all employees to be successful. However, that mission starts with management. Our superintendents must have strong organization and planning skills. After all, leading a team is just the […]



At Kalos, we offer affordable insurance and work-life resources to all full-time employees and their families, including spouses or domestic partners and legal dependents.
Here is our full list of benefits covered by our insurance plan offerings:
– Health insurance (premiums as low as $11.48 per paycheck for single employees and under $170 for an entire family)
– Dental insurance with full coverage for preventative care (under $15 per family)
– Vision insurance (starting at less than $1 for single employees and maxing out at $13.40 for families)

Kalos also has a FREE Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that also covers spouses and dependents. Full-time Kalos employees and their families have access to expert assistance in many areas, including:
– Mental health counseling (for depression, anxiety, grief, etc.)
– Work-life resources (childcare, elderly care, moving, etc.)
– Legal consultation (family law, adoption, trusts, etc.)
– Financial planning (retirement, taxes, etc.)
– Will preparation

Kalos’s other offerings include:
– FREE basic life insurance up to $10,000
– Long-term disability (payment on a sliding scale)
– Insurance for accidents, short-term disability, and critical illness (paid directly to YOU)