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About Grocery Renovation - Walmart

At Kalos, we employ all of the major trades. By doing this our Grocery Renovation Divisions have more control over projects allowing us to complete projects quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality. We employ a professional workforce that will execute your project and all of our employees believe that you and your customers are our top priority. We emphasize job performance over marketing and a majority of our time and resources are spent on enhancing our performance at the job site level. Whatever your needs, we are confident that our project managers and skilled tradespeople will be able to handle the job.

Grocery Renovation - Walmart FAQs

As a customer, what can I do to make a project successful?

Have specific and realistic goals and desires for that project. Communicate your expectations as clearly as possible. Be clear about what is most important to you.

What sets a grocery remodel or renovation apart from other types of construction?

There are very specific systems in grocery stores that aren’t in any other project. There is a lot at stake when changing or repairing any of these systems. We must also give extra care to cleanliness and customer service, which isn’t usually important in other types of construction.

We generally work in live businesses, so mistakes can be costly.

We also work in open stores, not construction sites. When you work on grocery remodel and renovation, you have to think about the general public’s safety. The quality of our work also represents our customers to their own customers.

How does Kalos go about finding worthy subcontractors?

Our work is very specific. First, we make sure subcontractors understand this segment of the construction business. We take note of recommendations and have a thorough peer-review process. Once we find a subcontractor, we train them with our expectations.

The subcontractor relationship is very important to us. We value our subcontractors as legitimate team members and treat them fairly. We want to help them be successful, become better at their craft, and we pay them fairly and quickly. In return, we expect fair pricing, quality work, and reliability.

Our goal is to give our customers long-term value, and that starts with the way we vet, train, and treat our subcontractors.

Is there any advantage to hiring a contractor who employs their own trades?

Yes. There are fewer levels that the client needs to worry about, as they are all employed by one contractor. Communication, scheduling, and training are more consistent, so quality control is much easier to manage. It’s easier to take accountability for and rectify mistakes. In all, contractors who employ their own trades will save their clients time and money.

What are some of the hidden mistakes that can occur on a grocery store project?

Many of the mistakes start to show when high standards are not upheld. Loosening your guard or allowing your team to get lazy is perhaps the biggest mistake.

A major mistake is not knowing how the specific systems and how they interact with each other. Safety and efficiency issues may arise from a lack of education or understanding.

How does Kalos think about Project Safety?

Safety is very important. Nothing is worth more than another human’s life, so we work to eliminate avoidable accidents whenever we can.

Grocery renovation is a bit more complex because we generally work in live businesses and are around the shopping public. We need to have a higher level of awareness to keep our employees, subcontractors, and the public safe.

What are some of the keys to an on-time and on-budget project?

Setting the expectations, schedule, and a realistic budget in the beginning. You have to manage them efficiently throughout the project.

Even though the structure has to be there, rapid changes are the norm in construction projects. You have to be able to adapt to the environment. Rework the project in your mind and continue to execute high-quality work.

In all, communication and attention to detail are the keys to on-time and on-budget projects.

How do you think about change orders?

Change orders are not viewed as an additional source of revenue, so we try to avoid them. They carry a negative stigma unless they are a client-directed change.

When we do change orders, we don’t sweat the small stuff and try to be fair on pricing. We want to treat our clients the way we would wish to be treated if we were in their situation. We actually enjoy performing small extras at no charge with our loyal clients. It’s a good way to show our appreciation for their business.

Does “above and beyond” really happen in construction?

Yes, and Kalos makes it happen. “Above and beyond” comes from a customer-first attitude.


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My service provider Mario was awesome. Very professional, knowledgeable, and very polite. Will definitely recommend company due to outstanding service Mario provided. Recommendation, if looking for a great company to provide professional service go with Kalos, and dont forget to request Mario.

Kalos did a fantastic job at installing my 2 A/C systems. The crew was professional and polite. They were on time and finished the job by end of day. I got 8 different quotes and not only were they the second lowest price, but Tyler was the only one who measured my home to make sure the new system would be balanced. They cleaned up everything and it passed inspection easily. The inspector said he had not seen such a good job done before in Polk County. I would definitely trust and recommend them to anyone looking for service on their A/C system. Thanks again Kalos!

In April we decided to upgrade our AC. Our salesman was Tyler who we believe went over and beyond to explain the system and all the advantages. He was a dedicated sincere person. We chose Kalos due to the way they handled us. When the system was installed Grant and Many were meticulous in their work. We are very pleased in our overall experience and would not hesitate to recommend Kalos to anyone.

Our experience from beginning to end was great. Tyler came out and completed a thorough assessment and wrote up a detailed estimate. After we completed our own research we decided to use Kalos for our new HVAC system. The installation team was great, it was obvious they were committed to installing correctly. The team’s friendliness and professionalism was an added bonus. We definitely recommend Kalos for your HVAC needs.

I called when my AC unit broke down and Ronnie arrived within the hour. He explained the what and the why of what happened in terms I understood. He was polite and professional plus he was wearing a mask!! Within two hours my AC was working. I highly recommend Kalos and Ronnie.