Did you know Orlando is one of the lightning capitals of the world? Late spring and early summer are some of the most dangerous times with respect to thunderstorms. While you may not give the clap of the thunder and the crack of the lightning bolt much thought when sitting comfortably at home, remember that even your comfy sofa is not always safe. Kalos Services Electricians are well aware of the awesome electric power that a lightning bolt can have.

5 Electric Safety Tips for Avoiding Lightning in Central Florida

  1. Know That Lightning CAN Enter Your Home

    Has mom taught you to get off the phone during lightning? Do you remember the newscaster who urged you to unplug your computer? Well, they were both correct. Lightning can access your home via either a direct strike or through wires that go to the home’s exterior. When lightning strikes the latter, the electricity of the lightning travels through the plumbing, phone, and electrical lines. Since you have metal mesh in your concrete floors, it travels through those as well.

  2. Stay Off the Corded Phone

    Who would’ve guessed that Mom was an electrician? One of the oldest lightning safety tips is still to hang up the corded phone (for those who still have those!). No conversation is so important that it supersedes your personal well-being.

  3. Avoid Concrete Floors and Walls

    Many concrete floors contain wire mesh. We also use wire mesh in slabs used in garages around Central Florida. Stay off this surface during storms. Surround yourself with materials that don’t conduct electricity. In other words, don’t fly any kites.

  4. Steer Clear of the Plumbing

    Remember: plumbing pipes are major conductors of electricity because of the water they transport. Staying safe during a particularly severe storm calls for limited contact with these pipes. That means no washing dishes, no hand washing, no laundry, and even no showering (kids worldwide can celebrate that last one).

  5. Install Electric Surge Protection

    Unplugging the refrigerator is not feasible. After all, replacing all the spoiled food is going to be a huge hit to the pocketbook. Unplugging your computer every time it thunders in Clermont is unrealistic as well. Make sure your electricians have installed your home with the surge protection it needs. So many options are available, from specific Air Conditioning protection to whole-home solutions. Make sure to check with your electrical contractor to see if whole-home surge protection is right for your home or business.

Electric Safety Starts with Knowledge

If your home does get hit by lightning, or you think that you may have been the recipient of a residual electricity charge stemming from a nearby lightning strike, give us a call today. We will gladly come out to check your electrical system and let you know if we detect any melted wires or damage to your panel. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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