3 Questions to Ask BEFORE Buying an Indoor Air Quality System

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One of the most common Air Conditioning upgrades that homeowners are pitched are Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products.

These are products that improve the air that your family breathes on a regular basis. While many IAQ products are extremely helpful for the overall quality of the air in your home, many times consumers don’t understand what they are purchasing and can become dissatisfied with their purchase.

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Keep scrolling to find the 3 questions to ask BEFORE buying one of these types of systems.


Air filters of all types, UV lights and photo-ionization products are all examples of an indoor air quality system. Here are the questions you should always ask before buying.

1. – What is the ongoing cost of operation per year?

Many IAQ products require regular cleaning as well as filter, bulb or cartridge replacement and sometimes all of the above. You should be very clear what the ongoing cost of operation is going to be when making a decision. Make sure to ask your technician for some cost breakdowns to make sure you know what the upkeep costs will be like.

2. – Are you required to buy these products through the installing contractor or if they can be purchased elsewhere?

In some cases you can buy filters, bulbs and cartridges over the counter at local hardware stores, but in most cases you will be required to buy them through the installing contractor or possibly online. Sometimes the process can be time consuming and frustrating, so it’s best if you know what to expect upfront.

3. – What specific problem does this particular product address?

Indoor air can be a confusing and complex subject. Dust or pollen that bother one person may not bother another. Some systems deal with live organisms such as bacteria and viruses while other deal with larger particles. Make sure that the installing company is clear with you about the purpose and expectations you can have of each product.

In closing, there is no single IAQ solution that cures all ills. Your best bet is to know specifically what you hope to accomplish and match an air quality solution to your needs.

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