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by Jude Orr!

Hello everyone! It’s me, Jude Orr, Director of Marketing for Kalos Services, Inc. It’s been an exciting first month here at the company, and I have to say, everyone here seems to be learning a lot from me. As a child, I bring quality fresh ideas all the time. That’s mostly because I don’t know what I’m looking at and just make suggestions.

If you say something with enough confidence, it always sounds right. (See? That was incorrect, but you believed me!)Quality AC

Now, on to our subject: Quality

We hear about quality a lot these days: quality toys, quality Gerber food, quality time with Mom and Dad, etc., but what are we really saying? We’ve seen a shift in the marketplace the past few years (I’ve read) to a value-based economy, and it’s so important to communicate the value of your products/services to your customers.

At Kalos Services, we’re trying to be very creative in our communication. We can’t just shout loudly at everyone, “Our Air Conditioning maintenances will actually impress you with our thorough care and cleaning of your system!” Even though that’s true, you can’t come out and say something like that without having a better reason for mentioning it. Like, the time I wanted dessert, and my sister Violet was sad. I suggested ice cream was the remedy and boom! Bedtime stories now include mint-chocolate chip ice cream.

You also hear the phrase, “Quality, not quantity.” Whoever came up with that has obviously not played with Legos. But, for the most part, the phrase holds up. I just wanted to stress this to you guys. Look for companies that actually make your life easier, that actually care for you.

Well, thanks for listening! It’s almost nap time, so Mom says I’ve got to start “quieting down.”

Stay young,
jude orr
Jude Orr
Director of Marketing


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