Old Air Conditioning Advertisements

old air conditioning service and repair adDo you remember when advertisements in the newspaper and print magazines were shining in Technicolor?

It sometimes seems like those were simpler times. But, with a closer look at them, you’ll see similarities between the air conditioning ads that are running today. Most of the themes of these ads are selling comfort, the luxury of having a cool home, and being able to relax worry-free.

We all know that life sometimes doesn’t just hand you lemons; they’re thrown at you. The car and the A/C break down in the same week. Or, just when you think you’ve handled all the big expenses for the year, you come home and realize it’s 90 degrees inside. No air conditioning system can offer you perfect comfort and peace, and honestly, neither can we.

retro-air-conditioning-5We hope that above any salesmanship or clever marketing, we can actually help you. Serving you, your family, or your business to keep you comfortable and safe in your home or office is truly why we do what we do. We’ve built our company with Integrity as our first priority. While peace of mind is wonderful, we hope we can help in all seasons, whether that’s summertime or crisis time!

Times change, values don’t. Turn to us for “Simply Great Service.”

The Kalos Services Team


P.S.- These old air conditioning advertisements are still fun to look at though, click on any of them to enlarge them! Leave a comment to tell us about your favorite ad!

Old-School HVAC Advertisements
old advertisements
Retro Lennox Air Conditioner Ad
 old advertisements
Sears Air Conditioning Manual
old advertisements
Thermostat Instructions
 old advertisements
Window Unit Air Conditioner Advertisement
 old advertisements
Thermostat A/C Manual
 old advertisements
A/C Service Ad
 old advertisements
A/C Window Unit Ad
 old advertisements
Property Management A/C Ad
old advertisements
Lennox A/C Ad
old air conditioning service manual
A/C Service Manual
 old advertisements
Commercial A/C Ad
how to keep cool old ad
How To Keep Cool
 old advertisements
Retro Window Unit A/C Ad
 old advertisements
Retro Indoor Air Quality Ad
old advertisements
Heating and Cooling Ad
old advertisements
How an A/C Unit Works
 old advertisements
A/C Advertisement
old advertisements
A/C Indoor Air Quality Ad
old window unit ac ad
Window Unit A/C Ad
old fashioned air conditioning ad
Old-fashioned A/C Ad
 old air conditioning service ad
A/C Service Ad
old ad
A/C Installation Ad


old air conditioning replacement advertisements
Old A/C replacement Ad



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  1. Hey Sean, I never thought about how inspirational older a/c ads could be for our modern marketing strategies. Thanks for the info, looking forward to seeing your new blogs.

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