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Bryan Orr
Kalos Services Inc



Clermont, FL– Kalos Services Inc. was recently ranked on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture list, a comprehensive ranking of U.S.-based businesses exhibiting high-performance cultures created in partnership with culture management software and service provider CultureIQ®. The Top Company Cultures list has placed Kalos Services as 6th  nationwide in the Small Company category.  Kalos Services is recognized for creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement, exceeds employee expectations and directly impacts company success.

“When we started Kalos we didn’t set out to be anything other than business people of integrity. Along the way we have a built a team of amazing people and they are the reason we have such an enjoyable and rewarding culture” Stated Robert Orr, President of Kalos Services Inc.

“Creating an entrepreneurial culture is a key priority for business leaders, yet no one until now has really assessed the role culture plays in success,” says Ray Hennessey, editorial director of Entrepreneur.com. “This ranking celebrates the dedication that all teams, from entry-level to the C-suite, have in ensuring they are creating vibrant, healthy and sustainable work environments. That’s good for employees, investors and customers.”

Co-Founder Bryan Orr said “Of all of the things we care about in business, company culture is right at the top. A cornerstone of Kalos is the ideal that people are always more important than organizations and a great organization can only be built one great person at a time. Only by valuing the significance and humanity of every person on the team can you reach true success as a business”

The full list, presenting a total of 75 companies categorized as small, medium-sized or large companies—25-49 employees, 50-99 employees, and more than 100 employees— is available on Entrepreneur.com. Core insights, behaviors, and attributes that have helped to shape the high-performing cultures presented by the top companies are shared alongside practices to help other companies work on their own workplace environments.

“There is always an opportunity to learn from each other when running and growing a business, which is why we are excited to honor these companies and share their success in building an effective culture,” says CultureIQ founder and CEO Greg Besner. “I find it particularly inspiring to see a wide variety of companies represented in the list, confirming that you can have a strong culture regardless of industry, size, or business maturity.”

The rankings for all companies were determined using CultureIQ’s methodology for measuring high-performance cultures. Employees at each company received a survey of 21 short, multiple-choice questions. The answers were used to assess a company’s strength across 10 core qualities of culture – performance focus, support, and innovation, to name a few. These quality strength scores were combined with the employee Net Promoter Score to create a cumulative CultureIQ Score. The companies with the highest CultureIQ Scores became the Top Company Culture list in ranking order. To be considered for the ranking, a company must have at least 25 employees, have been founded before Jan. 1, 2014 and be headquartered in the U.S.

To view Kalos Services in the full ranking, visit www.entrepreneur.com/TopCultures

Kalos Services Inc. is a  family owned and operated residential service provider and commercial construction company. Kalos Services is licensed and specialize in high-end Commercial/Residential Construction and in the installation, maintenance, service and repair of Air Conditioning, Electrical, and Pool Heating projects.

The company founders stated:

“We get a lot of questions about our name. For Us, our name represents how we wish to approach our work and serve our customers. Kalos is:

Kalos is:

kalos: καλός noun /kay-los’/ defined- Ancient Greek; ideal personal conduct; integrity

We desire to not only please customers for the sake of doing quality work, but we are passionate about living, working and growing our business with integrity. Kalos is more than just a name or even a company policy. It is an attitude of service that our customers rave about. From the time our company was founded in 2005, we’ve always desired to make a positive impact not only on your family or business, but in the Central Florida community” ###entrepreneur-cultureiq-small-web-transparent


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