We have all been bombarded with ads and phone calls. You know the ones we’re talking about. Some A/C companies have been offering $8 preventative A/C maintenance. Some even offer them for free! Many of these ads seem suspect at best, and your intuition is usually correct.

When you eventually see the hidden charges, these ads seem downright dishonest. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” has never been truer.

As an HVAC service specialist for Kalos Services, Inc., I can tell you that a large percentage of service calls I run could have been avoided with preventative A/C maintenance. Many people don’t realize that even new units can develop maintenance issues after a relatively short period of time. Are your refrigerant levels where they should be? Units that are as little as a few ounces undercharged are going to run less efficiently than a system with proper refrigerant levels.

Prevent Problems with Regular Preventative A/C Maintenance

Amperage checks on fan motors and the compressor can give a trained technician an idea of the condition of these parts. Often, the compressor or fan motors will begin drawing more amps than what they are designed for. Of course, that’s not always the case, but the amperage is still something an honest technician will check.

High amperage could indicate something minor, such as a failing capacitor or dirty coil. However, it could also indicate something major, such as component failure. Either way, knowing this and taking care of it ahead of time during a maintenance procedure will result in less hassle and be more cost-effective than waking up on a hot summer night because the A/C has stopped working.

Find Small Issues Before They Can Ruin Your Day

By far, one of the leading causes of service calls is a backed-up drain line. We often install systems with a float switch to prevent flooding. By design, when the drain line backs up, water then goes to a separate float reservoir. As it fills, it trips a low voltage switch, thus interrupting any call for cooling. A working float switch does a great job of preventing any water damage in the home, but also means your A/C will not be working until the drain line is cleared. Drain cleaning is just one of the many procedures we do during our preventative AC maintenance. Follow this link to see what we consider the 8 Essentials to Every Preventative A/C Maintenance.

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