My A/C Froze Up! Is it Running Too Hard?

It's Frozen

Your air conditioner is similar to you and I. It doesn’t like getting started, but once it gets going it feels a lot better. Starting and stopping more often is not good for your air conditioning system, he is perfectly happy running all the time, he just doesn’t like having his motives questioned.

Your A/C doesn’t especially like really hot days, not because of how much he has to run, it just causes his blood pressure to rise and when you are a demanding boss and set the thermostat down REALLY low (Below 75) it does irritate him even more. He doesn’t mind working hard, he is PROUD of his work ethic! Rather, he get’s annoyed when your expectations of him exceed what he can deliver. He can see your disapproving brow looking at his thermostat face. First, he gets discouraged, but if you keep pushing him he gets angry!

Let’s say you got irritated and dropped that thermostat down to 68 degrees during the heat of the day when the house was 77 inside. Your A/C units begin hatching a plot against you that can have nasty consequences. During the day when the home is still warm inside everything is fine with the air conditioning, other than the fact that you feel warm. As evening approaches and the temperatures outside dip your air conditioner will begin actually getting you down… down… down towards that ridiculously low temperature you chose in your rage. Now your bitter A/C snaps the trap and begins to FREEZE!

Here’s the kicker, once he begins to freeze, the longer he runs the  even more frozen he will become. You will then needs to shut him off long enough for him to become completely defrosted and WATCH OUT for the dripping tears of regretful water as he thaws. Your carpet, hardwood floors, and that mahogany chest your Uncle Theo got you are all potential victims.

Of course, there are MANY other things that can cause an A/C to freeze, dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks and blower issues and anytime your A/C freezes you will want to have a professional give him a checkup.

Just be a good boss and don’t provoke him. He likes to work hard, all he wants to do is please you, but everyone has their limit when you push their buttons too often.

If you suspect your unit is sick or tired, and not just sick and tired of you setting the thermostat; give us a call at 352-243-7088.