Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air QualityIndoor air quality is an often overlooked aspect of the home comfort system. There are several things to consider when looking into indoor air quality products.

  • How well does it capture particles?
  • Does it kill viruses and bacteria?
  • How often must it be maintained?
  • What are the costs associated with maintenance?
  • Does it create a substantial restriction to air flow?

Some of the best “filters” do a very good job of filtering the air but they are so tightly woven that the air is restricted causing the air distribution to suffer. Others products do a good job of killing bacteria and viruses but do not capture particles whatsoever.

Here are the things to look for –

  • Merv Rating (minimum efficiency reporting value) = the efficiency at which a filter captures very small (0.3 -1.0 microns) particles
  • Resistance to air flow measured in static pressure drop
  • How much does the replaceable media (if any) cost
  • How often must it be cleaned or replaced
  • What are the kill rates on various strains of virus and bacteria and how often must the virus / bacteria be exposed before it dies?

At Kalos Services we offer a wide range of products to address every aspect of indoor air quality. We will be honest with you every step of the way so that you know what to expect.


Indoor Air Quality Options


Carrier Infinity Air Purifier

  • Carrier Infinity Air PurifierMERV 15 Efficiency
  • Captures and kills bacteria and viruses
  • Low resistance to air flow
  • Replacement cartridge gets replaced every – 12 months


UV Light

  • UV LightKills and prevents mold growth on coil and inside air handler
  • Bulbs replaced yearly


Carrier Perfect Fit

Carrier Perfect Fit

  • MERV 8 Efficiency
  • Captures very small particles
  • Low resistance to air flow
  • Very easy to change
  • Replace every 6 – 12 months


Air Knight Photo-Ionizer AirKnightIPG-2

  • Reduces Odors
  • Decreases VOCs
  • Increases Bacteria Capture
  • Replace Cartridge every 2-3 years


Carrier Infinity Air Purifier Technology Overview
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