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The following self-service questionnaire allows you to review your options for replacing your heat pump or furnace system with a heat pump of like tonnage. By the end, you will also receive a price estimate. For energy efficiency, safety, and comfort reasons, we do not install new gas furnaces.


We implemented this self-service tool to allow you to customize your installation according to your needs and see everything that goes into your price estimate. We offer four different tiers of service so that you can select the installation plan based on your budget and needs.


You can also select to replace your thermostat with a smart thermostat with remote controls, or you can choose to keep your old thermostat for no added charge. You can also browse additional system accessories and services. Once you have decided what you would like your installation to entail, you can select when you would like us to visit and receive an estimate of what the services will cost ahead of time; there is no need to call us for an estimate.


Please watch our video to learn more about our installation process.



NOTE: This service is only available to customers within our service area.

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Like-for-like sizing replacements are allowable by the Florida Building Code. The exact tonnage required can only be determined by doing a complete load and energy calculation (Manual J). By selecting this checkbox, you are taking responsibility for the equipment sizing and affirming that the tonnage you have selected is the same as your current heat pump or furnace.

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