Commercial Projects Electrician

We are hiring for Commercial Projects Electricians. Our electricians work exclusively on commercial projects, they install, repair, modify, inspect, and test electrical systems and components. Electricians must communicate with engineers, project managers, and other team members. Electricians must be able to read and execute blueprints and take a safe approach to their work.


Although the electrical trade contains many hazards, safety is our top priority. Electricians should know OSHA safety procedures and must set a good example for apprentice electricians. They must differentiate motor types and be comfortable working with high and low voltage.


Commercial Projects Electrician



Where Is work performed?

Florida (Statewide)

Who does this position report to?

Phil Barr

What current locations of residence do we consider?

We will consider applicants who live within 120 miles of Clermont, FL.

What is the pay range for this position?

$18 – $30 per hour based on skill level

What travel requirements are there for this position?

Travel will be required, housing and per diem will be provided and paid for by the company as appropriate.

What days / times would the schedule be for this position?

Schedule varies

Is overtime expected?

Yes, with fair compensation.

What are the physical requirements?

Must be 18 years of age or older


5+ years of commercial electrical experience

Good mechanical aptitude

Clean or near clean driving record

Must be able to communicate clearly in English (bi-lingual is a plus)

Significant previous grocery store, big-box, or ground-up construction electrical experience

Commercial experience with high voltage and low voltage.

Must be able to lift 50+ lbs with or without assistance regularly

Must be able to climb ladders easily

What skills are required?

Ability to run and bend conduit

Ability to perform work in new and remodel situations

Understanding working in an open and occupied facility

Blueprint reading

Use of CAD programs and other related technologies

Understanding of Best Management safety practices

Understanding of basic OSHA standards

Understanding circuitry in multiple voltages, including 277/480, and differentiating the markings, nomenclature, and practices of each

What are some of the key attributes?

To succeed in this position, the ideal applicant:

Conducts themselves in accordance with OSHA standards

Must be able to be honest, no matter what

Is open-minded and willing to take feedback

Is a good listener

Can use all typical electrical tools safely

Has a positive attitude and commits themselves to the job

Is analytically minded

Has previous technical/mechanical experience in another industry

What is the key mindset for success in this role?

At Kalos, we require hard-working individuals who will commit to their ongoing learning, even as seniors in their field. We constantly tackle new challenges in the electrical division. As such, our best senior electricians respond to those challenges positively and see each one as a learning experience. Of course, they also understand that absolutely NOTHING is more important than the safety of customers, other team members, themselves, and the public.

When does this role need to be filled?


Phil Barr

Phil Barr

Kalos electricians are a hardworking group of people who can see the big picture and the details. They must be project-oriented enough to see the whole picture and communicate with other team members. However, they must also be able to pay close attention to the fine details of their work. Electricity is a staple of everyday life, but it is also hazardous and requires care and respect. Apply only if you can give your work the finesse and care it deserves while setting a good example for newer electricians.

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