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A Common Garage Door Story

You get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, maybe sit on the couch for a few minutes and check your email or Facebook before before work, or your tee time or your yoga class. You finish off the last drops of coffee and saunter in the garage like you have a thousand times before and you hit the garage door opener button

But the door does NOT OPEN……

So you hit the button again, and maybe nothing happens, maybe some lights flash on the opener or on the sensors, maybe the opener makes a groaning noise and then quits. Bad news, your garage door needs repair.

Now, if you are lucky you pull the red rope handle and raise the door manually, but on a really bad day you have a broken garage door spring, or the track went out of alignment.

Now what do you do?

You may or may not know this but the garage door industry has a bad reputation. We really aren’t sure why, but it can seem like every failed used car salesman decided that garage door service would be a profitable alternative to hustling used cars. There are lots of garage door service providers with bad reputations and you need a repair quickly, who can you trust?

At Kalos we had the same problem. We are fortunate because we have the skills to fix our own garage doors from years of experience in the trades, but garage doors are a very specific kind of service with very specific and DANGEROUS parts required. The springs alone can pack deadly force when they break or unwind and when you add in the weight of the door and working on a ladder it is a really risky business.

Our Customers asked us time and time again, “Who can we trust in Central Florida to repair our garage doors”

So we decided to do something about it. We have now created a full service garage door repair division. We brought in an industry expert to make sure all of the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and we are committed to providing you with the same reliable, prompt, professional, no hassle service you have come to expect from Kalos.

So give us a call, or fill out the form below, or contact us via chat or even email us and we will be right out to get you taken care of in a jiffy.

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Serving Clermont, Groveland, Winter Garden, Windermere, Davenport, Leesburg, Tavares, The Villages, Montverde and many more cities and towns throughout Lake, Orange, Polk and Sumter Counties
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